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Not bad. At least they have hips to balance out those insane boobs.

suggestive190817 artist:maniacpaint495 princess celestia112744 princess luna117229 human245739 g42030405 absolute cleavage5492 breasts391383 busty princess celestia13806 busty princess luna9834 cleavage46757 clothes635012 curvy9862 dress62065 female1804008 females only16915 gown1222 hair over one eye12916 humanized119697 looking at you259576 open mouth237801 pinup4039 royal sisters6734 smiling397814 wink32942


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does anyone else love these kinda boob cup thingies? it’s like, dresses that just kinda hold the boobs up like “here you go dude, have fun!”
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You wanna know what’s weird? Even minus the melons, this is actually awesome art. Just look at Luna’s head. It’s stylised, it’s unique and it feels like what Luna would really look like as a human. Same goes for Celestia.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

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The Princesses have huge responsibilities they must carry with them at all times. That’s why they are the pinnacle of beauty in all of Equestria.