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safe1676322 artist:pixelkitties1189 trixie66347 twilight sparkle296657 alicorn218669 pony938958 blushing192602 christmas lights1763 christmas tree4129 cute195315 daaaaaaaaaaaw3662 featured image865 female1336215 forehead kiss203 hanging1707 kiss mark1085 lesbian94975 levitation11818 magic71760 mare466292 mistletoe1739 raised hoof44216 scrunchy face7015 shipping196257 snow13645 tangled up341 tree31361 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122117 twixie5057 upside down5416 wink24066


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I beg to differ. the thing that's better then trixie giving akiss. Is having old classic christmas songs playing in the house as you and your beloved Mare Or stallion snuggle up under a nice thick quilt infront of a fire place. all the while you both sip and drink some delicious hot cocoa before nuzzling up and relaxing as the mood just takes you into a blissful moment of relaxation and love.

That and the very first time you play Turok 2 Seeds of evil and grab that shotgun and blow a dinosoid completely half in a glorious bloody mess of an explosive buck shot. It sounds grotesque but its so festive! All that red and green bouncing and spurting everywhere. brings tears to my eyes.