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explicit471478 artist:fruitymilk161 fluttershy258514 twilight sparkle357631 g42027558 3d122570 blowjob41926 cum105361 cumming32019 female1801884 female on futa976 flared4019 futa61700 futa fluttershy5028 futa on female15572 horsecock99240 intersex64105 licking27699 licking cock7490 nudity512366 one eye closed45706 oral65291 penis213259 sex171523 ship:twishy1567 shipping254039 source filmmaker67805 tongue out147083 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149078


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the difficulty comes from making the animation good, animating in and of itself isn’t too difficult. granted the last time i animated anything in 3d was i think 15 years ago, and that program was gods gift to 3d for letting a 11-12 year old actually do things in 3d back when ui’s where really REALLY bad.
as for making a walk cycle… id suggest rotoscoping. it isnt the best method, but can be used to help teach you the hows things move, why and how to make it look right.
Background Pony #C05F
Walk cycles ARE difficult to make, even for the experienced. As for the Cum prop used in this, it isn’t really meant for animation and more for posing.