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suggestive190792 artist:radiantrealm433 sunset shimmer79188 twilight sparkle357906 alicorn314342 pony1603274 unicorn538329 equestria girls256005 g42030023 bed57830 blushing274280 bondage46541 cloth gag2641 comic135485 exclamation point5673 female1803666 gag19977 interrobang1285 kissing32558 lesbian117707 molestation1977 question mark6734 rope15933 ship:sunsetsparkle5185 shipping254262 show accurate26810 show accurate porn9642 surprise kiss1177 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149214


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Background Pony #731C
Twilight hasn’t noticed yet that her horn hasn’t been restricted in any way. She could stop this. The question is, does she want to?
Why would she?

@Background Pony #8635  
You’re definition of “rape” other forms of sexual abuse that I would distinguish from rape.
For instance, how exactly is somebody describing how they’re going to rape you actually rape? Is somebody describing how they’re going to murder you actually murder?
And why is it rape for me to force you to strip, but not rape if I forcefully strip you myself?
Background Pony #3F48
I’d say if the victim is sufficiently susceptible, the sufficiently vivid description of perpetrator raping the victim could count as rape, if only because it has the potential to leave same psychological damage regular hands-on rape does.
Therefore, rape is inconsentual and forced*, at the time of event, sexual encounter.  
*forced meaning you’re unable, physically or psychologically, to stop it. I.e. you’re restrained physically or psychologically (in the latter case, threats usually suffice, but hypnosis or mental issues that make you literally unable to do anything about it, count just as well)
Girl “changing her mind” afterwards is not rape, is the girl being an utter manipulative shit.  
Catcalling is not rape.  
Someone describing how they are raping you, with you being unable to not read and comprehend and imagine it happening, is rape.  
Someone forcing you to strip and bend over at gunpoint is rape.  
Someone pulling your panties down is sexual harrasment, but not yet rape.  
Et cetera, et cetera.

Sunset Shimmer Fan
@Background Pony #C54F  
Wait, what?
I don’t think that chick knows what Rape actually is. Like RandomBlank said, I suppose what she posits on that dumb sign is technically possible, but realistically rape (a horrible thing) must involve the laying on of hands. Checking a girl out isn’t rape, though doing so is usually in poor taste. Catcalling, while rude, is not rape. Making fun of this girl’s idiocy is not rape.

And then Princess Celestia came in and… joined the fun after turning to Molestia.
crumbles the piece of paper and throws it away Now it’s a threesome.
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I miss the show so much
Twilight hasn’t noticed yet that her horn hasn’t been restricted in any way. She could stop this. The question is, does she want to?