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safe1577611 artist:devinian42 philomena1025 princess celestia90102 princess luna94052 rainbow dash219623 twilight sparkle283012 alicorn195699 pegasus240345 pony847416 absurd resolution63982 baroque13 beautiful4682 bird cage53 cage908 cake8891 chandelier125 chest534 clothes409818 color porn1057 couch7104 crepuscular rays2442 cushion514 derail in the comments273 detailed689 dress39599 duo49500 dust motes52 featured image787 female901009 fireplace2365 fishnets4592 glorious16 indoors1869 interior513 jewelry51096 levitation10569 light1231 luxury6 magic65986 mare416437 new crown278 painting3252 palace111 photoshop3678 politics in the comments134 scenery7197 scenery porn728 smiling215501 socks56879 tea2837 teacup2605 teapot899 technical advanced101 telekinesis24760 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115351 wallpaper17746 window7265


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I didn't grow up in something nearly this nice, of course, but I did grow up in a pretty nice, big house, so honestly, I just think of what you'd actually hear here: just the breeze blowing through the windows, and the wonderful, calm sound of silence.
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It's like if, instead of the White House being the home for the president of a country, it was home to the president of the world.

(Yes, I know Equestria doesn't comprise the entire world, but it sure is by far the largest and most influential nation on their planet.)