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safe1786175 artist:mohawgo49 sunset shimmer66027 equestria girls211893 rainbow rocks18670 animated102393 bopping shimmer18 clothes489059 cute210172 diabetes651 female1434615 gif33147 headbob428 hnnng2492 jacket13796 leather jacket3901 photoshop3801 shimmerbetes4541 simple background422984 smiling272899 solo1122313 sweet dreams fuel1707 transparent background215019 when she smiles1087


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ShadowBolt Platinum

Don't lose your way!
Mmmbop, do floppa do wop  
Do be dop ah  
Do wap, do zap ah, do  
Yeah-ee yeah  
Mmmbop, do b’zap ah, do wop  
Do be dop ah  
Do wop, doom zap ah, do
The Letter J

  1. Download and run Desktop Ponies.  
  2. Click the “PONY EDITOR” button.  
  3. Click the “Create NEW Pony” button and give her a name.  
  4. Click the “New Behavior” button.  
  5. Click the “Select” button under the image boxes and give it this gif.  
  6. Give it a name and hit the “OK” button.  
  7. Save and close the editor.  
  8. Find your bopping Shimmer in the list of all the ponies, and add her to your desktop like you would any other.  
  9. Drag her to the corner of your screen where she won’t be in the way.  
  10. Sunset Shimmer takes over your computer and your life.