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safe2188085 artist:razya65 angel bunny11423 applejack201706 fluttershy260153 pinkie pie257383 rainbow dash281777 rarity218744 twilight sparkle359764 alicorn317232 pony1617600 g42044149 angry36871 crossed hooves2938 derp8420 dirty2401 disgusted1644 facewing78 female1817950 floppy ears73580 glare9074 grumpy3272 jersey shore (tv series)14 mane six37790 mare751256 open mouth240507 prone35615 raised hoof70778 reality show1 russian6218 scared14345 sitting93571 smiling402247 spread wings96158 tongue out148545 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150175 underhoof69575 wavy mouth5586 wide eyes19956


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