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dead source40360 safe2087480 artist:kenket299 artist:spainfischer591 princess celestia109307 twilight sparkle346074 alicorn296033 pony1446459 unicorn498376 both cutie marks13402 cute251825 eye contact7531 female1708302 filly91433 filly twilight sparkle3296 momlestia1108 river2519 scene parody1001 smiling366188 sunset7283 the lion king624 younger21566


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Background Pony #6AD4
“Look, Twilight. Everything the light touches is our kingdom”, Celestia said to her daughter, Twilight Sparkle.
“Wow!”, exclaimed Twilight, the little unicorn filly amazed at the view from the cliff’s edge and having never been this high up before in her life.
“One day, Twilight, the Sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new Queen”, Celestia said, gazing down happily at the curious, happy little filly beside her.
“And this’ll all be mine?”, Twilight asked in astonishment, and no small amount of curiosity and excitement.
“Everything!”, exclaimed Celestia, beaming with pride for her daughter, and looking back over the cliff to the horizon.
“Everything the light touches…”, Twilight said in amazement, getting up and walking around a little. “What about that shadowy place?”, she asked, that curious spark never leaving her eyes, as she looked to her mother, and pointed towards a shadowy, mysterious-looking stretch of land off to the right, and far off in the distance.
“That’s beyond our borders”, Celestia said, walking up to Twilight with a serious expression on her face and an even more serious tone in her voice. “You must never go there, Twilight.” Said Celestia.
“But I thought a Queen can do whatever she wants?”, said Twilight, a confused and perplexed look upon her face.
“Well, there’s more to being Queen than, getting your way all the time.”, Celestia said, starting her way back down the cliff side. Twilight followed suit
“There’s more?!”, Twilight said, a look of sheer joy, excitement, and wonder upon her face.
“Twilight!”, Celestia said whilst laughing, an amused expression upon her face.
  • Excerpt from “The Pony Queen”. (You guys can finish it, if you want. Just make sure to use proper spelling and grammar, as I am somewhat of a Grammar Nazi. Go figure, I guess. :/).

“Look Twilight Everything The Light Touches Is Our Kingdom Wow A Princesse’s Time As Ruler Rises And Falls Like The Sun One Day Twilight The Sun Will Set On My Time Here And Will Rise With You As The New Princess”  
  • From “The Alicorn Princess”
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

“What about that shadowy place?”
“Oh that? That’s just where Luna goes in the daytime. Don’t ever go there… she’s very cranky…”
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Escapee from Alcatraz
“One day, everything shall be yours.”  
“Yeah, on the day that I finally expire and continue the cycle of life”  
“* snicker *”