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“But anyways heres some Chrysies hips.” - Sundown
suggestive162435 artist:sundown1569 queen chrysalis37776 human181811 armpits44518 belly button89993 black lipstick420 bra18108 breasts319727 bugbutt1776 busty queen chrysalis4254 clothes526391 female1519510 horned humanization7285 humanized106403 impossibly wide hips2476 lipstick12960 pose7077 sarong1241 solo1197645 solo female197503 underwear67313 wide hips21729


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Background Pony #B181
While I neither knew the english word (in my language it is called “pareo”) the pics made it clear, the sarong is a piece of clothing, an improvised “skirt” if you want by the means of putting a piece of cloth over the hips with a side tie, most commonly a towel in beach environments, but as SundownChrissy here shows us, it can be done with any kind of material, in this case, transparent.
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Returned from the Deep
You know, I don’t mean any offense to Sundown, and I realize that exaggerating certain features in artwork is not only common, but can make the subject more appealing. But eventually there comes a point where it stops being attractive and starts becoming grotesque. I think this is that line.
Background Pony #B181
@Toby Queef
More precisely, they have all different sizes of hips, I wonder how many body types are some people able to identify IRL.
Background Pony #6B61
Looks like someone installed parachute pants underneath her skin or something. Maybe armored plates?
Background Pony #065D
I’m really sorry my queen, but I just spilt some love on the floor. My bad….
Background Pony #B181
The theory that she gave birth to all changelings “the traditional way” seems quite plausible with this figure…if not all too easy.