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safe2190953 artist:nadnerbd182 princess celestia113406 twilight sparkle360149 alicorn317955 pony1620965 unicorn546019 g42047021 cute268161 cutelestia4298 ears back4408 female1821398 height difference2757 high res408723 hug37987 lesbian118622 long mane7720 long tail5892 mare753291 momlestia1130 partially open wings2373 sad31571 ship:twilestia2816 shipping256529 simple background605413 slender8603 snuggling7441 spooning754 tail104863 thin12253 transparent background287489 twiabetes15447 wings227508


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Why is this labeled as lesbian thus suggesting shipping?
Doesn’t look like it is specifically shipping to me,

She had a nighmare that Luna turned evil again, said sister happened to be taking a break from dream walking for a midnight snack at the time and Celestia got really scared.