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safe2155164 screencap294040 applejack198842 fluttershy256174 rarity215908 earth pony438201 pegasus488290 pony1583118 unicorn529190 g42007421 over a barrel948 season 15651 applejack is best facemaker278 applejack's hat14085 cowboy hat25219 cropped60930 faic14835 female1781943 freckles43027 frown35605 hat122740 mare728737 offscreen character51316 one of the first16 raised hoof68522 reaction image10492 solo focus29346 stetson5819 surprised12658 tied mane35 wide eyes19761


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Background Pony #0373
The first picture with the “Twilight Sparkle” tag has Applejack as it’s focus……. :/
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Twilight's Westley
I came here from the Twilight Sparkle tag to find the very first Twilit Sparkle image, and the image is predominately Applejack. The only part of Twilight in this image is a small piece of her hair.