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dead source21638 safe1658553 artist:reuniclus83 fluttershy207513 bird7790 emperor penguin6 pegasus273266 penguin268 pony922733 cloud29417 cloudy6033 cute192541 featured image846 female1321532 lineless3652 mare458290 mountain4857 prone24717 shyabetes13072 sky13240 smiling235175 snow13526 solo1033184 spread wings52025 weapons-grade cute3567 wings97249


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Stopped caring
Then the mom shows up: see Fluttershy's frank adult death struggle with the spine-chilling giant electric penguin!!

My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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Bartomeu dimitit
"As they say on TV Tropes, everything is better with penguins. Right, Gunther?"
"Right, Pingu?"
"Right, Chilly Willy?"
"Right, Scott Of The Antarctic?"
"Get outta here! You're not my troper!"

Kudos to the people who get BOTH references here!
Artist -

Ex-Brony/Neutral User
This reminds me of that Dawn commercial to save arctic & antarctic wildlife… It's bringing sad memories to my head. Those poor baby ducks & penguins… (;__;"