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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

The story in the Pics description:
It had been on a warm autumn day when Peppermint Twist had first kissed her, on the cheek, like foals do. It was innocent enough, but it was what Twist had said afterward that had changed the gesture. They had been arguing, about what, she couldn’t recall; but there was a pause in their argument, and that’s when Twist had leaned forward and kissed her on her cheek. Then she said, “That doesn’t matter, because we’re friends.”
At the time, Diamond Tiara had never really considered Twist as her friend, but at that moment she really had no idea whether she was or not. It wasn’t like she was very nice to Twist… after all, Twist was annoying and never had any idea about the latest Canterlot gossip. She talked weird, had ridiculous hair, and was so… ordinary.
…because we’re friends.  
It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.
After that day, Diamond Tiara decided to not be so mean to Twist… but that meant avoiding her in the presence of others. What would Silver Spoon say if she knew she was friends with Peppermint Twist?
Then, a few seasons later, it was her birthday. Like always, she planned to host a large party for all her friends. Except that year was different because that was the year that her family had lost everything. Her father, who she had always admired despite his distance from the family, had lost his business along with all their assets. Diamond Tiara didn’t really care how or why, all she needed to understand was that her father was a liar and a criminal. His actions had shamed their entire family, she and her mother were forced to move into a small cottage at the edge of Ponyville.  
Silver Spoon stopped talking to her after that, along with all her other friends. Anypony else that had known her didn’t talk to her on account of her poor character.  
So that year, no one came to her birthday.
Diamond Tiara remembered sitting on the park bench, alone, waiting for anypony to come. She remembered feeling sick with misery and embarrassment, and she was just about to give up on waiting when Twist came trotting down the path. In her mouth she held a neatly wrapped present by the bow and it bounced along with her cheerful strides. If Twist had noticed that no one else had come, she didn’t say anything. Instead, she had set the present on the bench and said cheerily: “Hey there! Sthorry I’m late!”
Diamond Tiara almost started crying, and she asked Twist if she wanted to go to the Spa since that was what she had planned for her party. They spent the day together, and she couldn’t remember any other time where she had as much fun as she did with Twist that day. Unlike with Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara didn’t have to act differently around Twist, she didn’t have to worry about what Twist thought, because Twist was just… Twist.  
As she held up a mirror for Twist to see her newly styled mane and tail, she couldn’t help thinking that she could probably tell Twist anything… because we’re friends.
It was a couple more seasons before she kissed Peppermint Twist for the first time.  
Twist had surprised her with a trip to Canterlot to see the Royal Gardens. Diamond Tiara had always wanted to visit the palace. Despite all her trips to Canterlot when she was younger, she had never had a chance to see Princess Celestia’s magnificent castle.
They spent the first part of their day admiring the sights in the royal city; after lunch they slowly made their way to the Gardens under a cloudless sky. Everything was beautiful. In the gardens, Twist made an effort to smell every single flower and when she found a blossom with a particularly lovely perfume, she would insist that Diamond Tiara smell it as well. Together they ranked the best-smelling flowers, and giggled at eachother’s pollen-covered noses.
In the rose gardens, she and Twist found a nice quite place to sit and rest. They had walked through the city all day, lost in the sight-seeing, and both of them had sore hooves. Twist had started to talk about the roses, about how the Royal Canterlot Gardens had the largest collection of roses in all of Equestria… and Diamond Tiara stopped listening because she was watching Twist’s mouth, and the sun was shining and the gardens and mountain air smelled so lovely… everything was beautiful.  
She leaned forward, and kissed Peppermint Twist, cutting her off mid-sentence.
At first, there was hesitation… but then? Then there was just…Twist.  
They kissed fervently for several moments, almost desperately, before they both had to come up for air.
Breathing, Twist looked at Diamond Tiara and asked her, “where did that come from…?”
Diamond Tiara remembered looking at Twist, at the way her scarlet mane spilled over her shoulders wildly, at how her clear rose eyes stared intently back at her through a fence of dark lashes.  
The smile found her, and she grinned and said, “That doesn’t matter, because we’re friends.”  
But with her eyes she had said: “Because I’m in love with you.”
And then Twist was kissing her again.
And Diamond Tiara let herself smile as she remembered it all –because everything was beautiful now.