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safe1770003 artist:pixelkitties1193 maud pie12811 pinkie pie221848 princess celestia97329 trixie69194 twilight sparkle308446 alicorn236152 pony1029942 maud pie (episode)1302 alcohol7586 applejack daniel's80 censored vulgarity505 comic112449 cthulhu mythos150 eating10089 eldritch abomination893 female1418687 food74139 fried chicken76 grawlixes333 h.p. lovecraft45 hay burger646 hay fries104 implied scootabuse53 lovecraft108 mare511070 quote1271 reference4028 scootachicken914 swearing779 table9627 that pony sure does love burgers226 the dunwich horror3 troll 220 twilight burgkle533 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127157 vulgar21399 whiskey456 wilbur whateley4


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Background Pony #23EE
The Black Goat in the Woods With a Thousand Young should be referenced in this fandom much more than she is.
Background Pony #3A47
Funny no one has mentioned the ‘fried chicken’ tag. Can’t get enough of them scootachicken/abuse jokes
I, Da Witchfinder

This seems appropriate:
Majestic light of Baphomet, O formless laughing one - whose might unmarred the maker’s mind unmade  
Shine forth upon this acolyte - as one with me become, let the flames of Lilith claim those God betrayed  
“O Masters of Dimensions, thou unsleeping lords of sin,  
From lade of sulfur’s fiery void where demons dwell within…”  
From thy kingdom will come  
Read the rites, cast the spell, call the chaos lords of Hell  
Son of Caim, Orobas, Shub-Niggurath, Beelzebub, Haagenti, Astaroth  
Let the earth begin to burn

And all things will come to be, when the spirit is flesh - Mine the magick, the mystery, till he comes  
Rise from out of destitution - through pain I rise above - soon will come the restitution of our love

I have walked the ways to other worlds, I see what none have seen - the Union of Opposites foretell  
A life unchained through knowledge gained has sanctified my dream  
With prayers arcane, I raise the Darkhangel  
“O patriarch of parallels, in vales of slumbering sin  
The candle, hell, the book compel, all demons welcome in…”  
Through thy kingdom will come  
Read the rites, cast the spell, call the chaos Lords of Hell  
Barbatos, Orias, Amdusias, Naberius, Ipos, Valac, Zagan  
Let the Earth begin to burn.

I have traveled through time’s portal, supra mortal have become,  
This night of Pan, I greet thee as a friend  
I decades yearned for your return, to see thy death undone - what fools abhorred, endured I to the end  
Speak to me now in tongues of angels, life devourer, wisdom giver  
Through the vision, through the voice, through the veil, thyself deliver

To this kingdom we come  
Read the rites, cast the spell, call the chaos Lords of Hell  
Agares, Vapula, Marchosias, Samigina, Vine, Sitir, Beleth  
Let the earth begin to burn

Into my loneliness comes the sound of a flute in dime groves that haunt the uttermost hills,  
Even from the brave river they reach to the edge of the wilderness. And I behold Pan…
Sr Pelusa
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Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods With a Thousand Young  
Dagon, Scourge of the Seas  
Hastur, The Unspeakable One, Him Who Is Not to Be Named