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dead source21587 safe1656053 artist:jcosneverexisted2719 coco pommel5819 rarity177366 suri polomare1183 cocobetes653 comforting1230 crying42080 cute192190 dialogue62883 eye clipping through hair5040 female1319342 fired28 forgiveness205 heartwarming641 hug27172 mare457163 raribetes5153 simple background376739 suribetes36 white background93385


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Background Pony #361E
You know the characters who are basacly the anti mane 6:
Flim,Flam,Trixie,Gilda,Iron Will,Suri and Lighting Dust. We had the redeption(kinda) of Trixie and Gilda, in the previous comics it seem iron will aswell(siege of the crystal empire confused me in his regard) would we see more?

Also why they have to be just bad for bads sake, we had fallen ones like Luna/Nightmare Moon, chaotic in discord, just evil in chrysallis, tragic villain in Sombra, power hungry in Tirek and those are mayor.

The minor ones like the anti mane 6 all seem just to be selfish, but i wonder what if some are like that not because of greed but necesity, like example Suri has younger siblins to take care and she is willing to sacrifice her good self for them or Flim and Flam may have their mother sick and were willing to sacrifice their integrity for her.

Of course i just made that up but it would be interesting if maybe something like that happend and sometimes being good does more harm a canon example of this is in it ain't easy being breezies were to much of kidness was bad and infact their so good actions did something bad
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me: Serves her right.
Rarity: gasp My goodness, darling, I know she manipulated me when I visited Manehatten that one time, but REALLY?!
me: Huh? Oh, no, I was just thinking about that one song by Sapphire Shores. I swear, it's really titled, "serves her right".
Background Pony #266B
Wonder if Suri is ready to accept the lessons she learned in Manehatten were WRONG.

As long as she really is sorry and is ready to be humble and learn… Though don't ever turn your back on her Rarity, even if she really is sorry for the moment old habbits die hard.
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You know the fact that she acts the same friendly way wend talking about how its ok to steal shit form others to make it, makes far her worst if she turned all bitch like Trixie or Gilda