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Things you spoiler/hide use some localstorage of the browser, in which it also saves the link to the spoilerpic. The browser refreshes this info only once a week (reduces a lot of strain on the server). What happened is that Clover said old URLs would be cached on the server (ie, still work) up until 1 week after a spoilerpic change. Well, I guess it didn’t.  
If you really need them, clear the localstorage or login into another domain. Or just wait a couple days and the problem will fix itself.
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horse butts 🐴
I’m shocked this has not been done yet. This NEEDS to be the spoiler image for that… however, I doubt it WILL be until enough time has passed from S4E11, because as it is, it’s technically a spoiler in itself ;P Though, it’s silly to think a simple image such as this would give enough away about S4E11 to be considered a significant spoiler.
Background Pony #00F2
Seriously, you need to use this. It’s like the scene was tailor-made to be the new spoiler image.