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safe1557027 artist:kianamai1032 applejack157376 rarity168077 earth pony191443 pony828217 unicorn258347 simple ways1197 absurd resolution63719 alternate hairstyle23865 angry23509 annoyed4965 black hat15 cowboy hat12780 cute173613 dialogue58953 dirty1608 female881280 frown21369 glare7984 grin32262 grumpy2301 hat75192 hilarious in hindsight3009 jumping2973 madorable506 mane swap496 mare405145 mud2207 mud pony89 offended70 one eye closed24548 pony racism48 raised hoof38493 rarihick385 simple background338416 smiling210698 smirk10699 splashing242 stetson4832 text49937 triggered319 unamused13386 white background84977 wink21224


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The Tastiest
@Background Pony #674C

There's no mention of race at all. However, Rarity appears to be making fun of Applejack's lifestyle, which she could easily take as a personal insult. That's more than enough cause to be offended. Alternately, AJ is just reacting with hyperbole this way to be funny.
Background Pony #5DF6
why would applejack get offended by this? she honestly would not get offended by that. this kind of moping is pathetic. how is making fun of a farmer racist and last time i check animals don't have race they have breeds.
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Rarity's really bad at doing anything earth ponies do, though.

And she can't ever be as good.

Because unicorns are weak as shit.
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The Anti-Normies
there is a episode coming out that is about certain guy (a writer) coming to town, Rarity (once again) goes crazy for it but the guy is interested in Applejack making rarity go insane an start to act like Applejack.