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safe2171296 artist:serenawyr78 allie way595 aloe3123 amethyst star2969 apple fritter896 apple strudel141 applejack200142 aunt orange402 auntie applesauce353 berry punch7488 berryshine7488 biff254 big macintosh33545 blossomforth1600 blow dry34 blues1182 bon bon18788 braeburn6947 caesar398 caramel2936 carrot cake2500 carrot top6106 cheerilee11234 cherry berry2515 cherry jubilee1255 chickadee945 cloud kicker2372 cloudchaser4286 cloudy quartz1750 coco crusoe761 comb over26 count caesar397 cup cake4931 daisy2952 daring do7220 derpy hooves57458 descent288 diamond tiara11794 dizzy twister1299 dj pon-333219 doctor caballeron914 doctor fauna626 doctor horse445 doctor stable445 doctor whooves11787 dumbbell690 fancypants2395 featherweight1380 fiddlesticks515 filthy rich1307 flam2460 fleetfoot2655 fleur-de-lis4564 flim2567 flitter3386 flower wishes2952 fluttershy258209 golden harvest6107 granny smith6098 hoity toity1116 holly dash146 hondo flanks678 hoops496 horte cuisine134 igneous rock pie1112 jet set533 lemon hearts2572 lickety split98 lightning bolt1151 lightning dust5323 lily2358 lily valley2358 linky1923 liza doolots693 lotus blossom3272 lucky clover701 lyra heartstrings34066 mayor mare3829 midnight strike63 minuette6856 ms. harshwhinny2713 ms. peachbottom945 neon brush64 night light2991 nightmare moon20349 nightmare rarity3427 nightshade577 noteworthy1182 nurse redheart4383 nurse sweetheart290 octavia melody27583 orange swirl1299 orion355 parasol809 petunia693 pinkie pie255418 pokey pierce1657 prince blueblood4587 princess cadance39990 princess celestia112554 princess luna117042 quarterback200 quick trim42 rainbow dash279475 rainbowshine1228 rarity217252 rogue (g4)249 roseluck6184 sapphire joy417 sassaflash1153 savoir fare134 screw loose607 screwball1610 sea swirl1914 seafoam1914 sheriff silverstar279 shining armor28043 shoeshine2034 shooting star (character)354 silver script167 silver spoon7524 snails5778 snips4602 soarin'17699 sparkler2965 spitfire15693 spring melody1430 sprinkle medley1430 star swirl the bearded2326 strike83 sunny rays85 sunset shimmer79021 sunshower raindrops2696 sweetie drops18788 the unconditioner27 thunderlane4918 time turner11787 tootsie flute696 trixie79476 truffle shuffle444 twilight sparkle357212 twilight velvet5484 twinkleshine2703 twist3167 uncle orange308 upper crust769 vinyl scratch33219 white lightning1151 wild fire947 wind whistler596 withers255 written script364 zecora11101 oc945885 oc:cream heart3014 oc:fausticorn1680 crystal pony5658 pony1599421 zebra23737 g42025943 .svg available10716 absurd resolution67426 apple family member3522 applejack's cutie mark249 aquarius129 aries112 beekeeper73 cancer (horoscope)151 capricorn149 collection716 cutie mark51360 cutie mark only2057 everypony419 female1799276 fluttershy's cutie mark662 gemini115 henchmen467 horoscope136 leo148 libra142 male549674 mane six37538 no pony15044 pinkie pie's cutie mark239 pisces105 ponyscopes566 rainbow dash's cutie mark708 rarity's cutie mark249 repository1 sagittarius104 scorpio150 screwy8 shadowbolts2172 simple background594486 snowflake1165 spa twins1683 taurus116 temple pony1 train conductor38 transparent background283904 twilight sparkle's cutie mark767 vector89815 virgo106 wall of tags6614 zodiac761


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bg pony nymphomaniac
-Cloud Kicker separated.  
-When all of the henchponies are in it (weird suggestion from someone), what about the rest of the background ponies from S1E1 to S4E2? Cloud Showers, Bottlecap, Junebug, Mjölna, Quickfix, etc. etc.?  
-Twinkleshine is not a earth pony.  
-If Minuette/Dr. Hooves are mentioned for one cutie mark, then Sunny Rays and Merry May, latter is missing.  
-Rainbowshine, not Rainbow Shine.  
~~Sassaflashs Cutie Mark is the right one ~~ the other are left ones (pony’s point of view).  
-Lemon Hearts is not a pegasus pony.
Though I already pointed some mistakes to her lately. I mean, so many pegasus ponies were missing, though they appeared regularly.