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dead source25482 safe1770517 artist:the-orator100 trixie69210 pony1030565 unicorn350852 g42248 badass3319 bipedal36851 cape10946 clothes482940 electricity762 electrixie19 epic1379 female1419196 first trixie image on derpibooru1 hat92105 hidden eyes496 hooves18437 horn80909 lightning3325 magic76408 magic circle827 mare511384 metal as fuck186 one of the first11 pentagram667 photoshop3796 pose6282 signature27612 solo1109088 tengwar44 trixie's cape3970 trixie's hat4805 wizard hat952


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I know, but it did end up being a satanic symbol. A symbol that isn’t satanic that people mistake to be is the upside down cross. Which I believe is a symbol of Saint Peter, who was crucified upside down because he felt himself unworthy to die the same way as Christ.

Technically, the pentagram didn’t originate with Satanism or witchcraft. You’re thinking specifically of the inverted pentagram, where two points are up and one is down. In the Middle Ages, the pentagram would actually represent “good” things, like the five senses or the five wounds of Christ.
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Trixie, what have I told you about using alchemy to resurrect Applejack’s parents?
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

This would be a spectacular opener to a show. I can just imagine her doing this on an outside stage, with the clouds turning dark and swirling above, then multiple lightning bolts strike down behind the stage. Maybe pair a voice amplification spell alongside the thunder to proclaim herself great and powerful to everyone.