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safe2197321 artist:mickeymonster558 braeburn6994 derpy hooves57950 dinky hooves4710 pipsqueak3199 princess celestia113729 rainbow dash282832 silver spoon7627 snails5808 twilight sparkle361038 alicorn319357 earth pony514632 pegasus507281 pony1627768 unicorn549463 g42053236 bedroom eyes83374 blushing279060 book44234 butt235790 cuddling10876 cute269085 dashlestia81 eye contact7719 fart noise979 female1828654 floppy ears74081 frown36711 glomp524 grin63975 gritted teeth19709 hilarious in hindsight3847 hug38146 lesbian119090 male559322 mare757877 mismatched eyes311 monochrome176458 nuzzling5109 onomatopoeia8505 open mouth242590 plot147170 prank1737 prone35880 reading8226 ship:braedash64 ship:derpydash195 ship:dinkysqueak88 ship:twilestia2824 shipping257461 sitting94281 sketch84141 smiling405733 snailspoon12 snuggling7448 sound effects4084 spread wings97352 straight181743 unicorn twilight34547 whoopee cushion72 wide eyes20007 wingboner9710 winghug3950 wink33406


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Background Pony #8632
Everybody is OBSESSED with him being gay.Seriously, He hasn’t showed any hint that he may be  
unlike characters like Steven Magnet And Hoity Toity.and half everyone in this site bashes any “Heteroburn” ship.  
Plus in my opinion,He looks like a guy who has sleeped with every mare in Appleloosa.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

potato wizard
Allow me to evaluate this picture
DinkyPip is best adolescent friendSHIP
FillyTwi-Celly is best teacher/mentor relationSHIP
SnailSpoon is best adolescent romantiSHIP
Dash Celestia? That’s kind of close, uh…
DerpyGlomp is BestGlomp
BraeBow is best hot romantic love SHIP
Twi sitting on whoopee cushion is best possible sitting event