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I don’t even…

safe2173204 edit172921 applejack200350 fluttershy258458 pinkie pie255702 rainbow dash279763 rarity217450 twilight sparkle357529 oc946967 oc:anon13904 human245162 g42027440 anatomy504 cropped61186 equestria in anon2 heart (organ)306 horgans11 intestines599 liver20 lungs34 mane six37590 my little x285 not salmon3175 op is on drugs269 organs893 stomach1195 wat21812 why2985 wtf2799


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Aloe and Lotus as lungs.  
Twilight as brain  
Celestia as heart.  
Rarity as spleen liver stomach.  
Pinkie Pie as… Intestines.  
Fluttershy as bladder.  
Applejack and Rainbow Dash as the kidneys.  
Spike as spleen.  
Luna as liver.  
Do I win?

Hi guys- I wrote that short on /mlp/ about 2 or so weeks ago. It was a takeoff on the dearth of “Anon In Equestria” generals that happen there.
The reasoning behind which pony was what organ is this:  
AJ & RD (Lungs) = most athletic, most likely to push Anon into bettering himself.  
FS (Liver) = an amusing excuse to get her drunk.  
TS (Heart) = pumps blood, able to infer what Anon was thinking.  
R (Stomach) = purely to chastise Anon on poor eating decisions.  
P (Intestines) = I don’t personally care for Pinkie Pie.
Some other guy posted the captcha’d story, and it’s somewhere on this site if you type in “Equestria IN Anon.”  
(Warning- there is some graphic description of sex between two actual humans at the ending of it. It’s erotic and poetic, but still pretty raw at the same time. It was written with /mlp/ in mind)
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Doctor: I’m sorry sir…but you have…Ponyitis.  
Patient: What?  
Doctor: Your organs are slowly metamorphosing into colorful cartoon ponies. The common causes are an overdose of pony related material.  
Patient: Oh geez…is there any cure?  
Doctor: Only one…you can never watch My Little Pony again,  
Patient: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!