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safe2210226 artist:spier17132 princess celestia114427 princess luna118846 alicorn322522 pony1640686 g42064912 princess twilight sparkle (episode)3068 absurd resolution68169 angry37307 crown31038 duo184389 duo female35648 element of generosity1450 element of honesty1432 element of kindness1612 element of laughter1457 element of loyalty1653 element of magic3623 elements of harmony2922 ethereal mane14053 female1844102 frown37058 glowing horn29849 hoof shoes10301 horn211025 jewelry117887 magic98658 magic aura9464 mare767286 peytral8166 regalia38000 royal sisters7060 saddle bag8446 simple background615650 sisters18977 spread wings98983 starry mane7328 telekinesis39953 transparent background291970 vector90824 wings233526


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Let’s see here…
Celestia has Kindness, Generosity, and Magic.  
Luna has Loyalty, Laughter, and Honesty.
Makes sense to me. :D