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Background Pony #37F8
Princess Violette: How about I turn you into an alicorn and call you “Princess Dreamsealer”? So that, you’ll become a richest mare in Neighpon!  
Dreamsealer: F*** off, gaphag!! (Sounds nice, but I don’t trust you)  
Princess Violette: (Enters Trollestia mode)

To be fair on the “all youkai are troublesome” point, Gensokyo’s a place where it’s socially acceptable to start fights in lieu of saying hello. And once she’s kicked a youkai around a bit and showed her who’s boss, she’s satisfied.

@Star Cavalcade  
Canonly, she actually just doesn’tr care as long as you don’t cause any problems and follow the spellcard rules. Besides that, as the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, she is top tier curbstomping compared to the rest of the Touhou cast as part of the bloodline/job. Actually, the spellcard rules are so she doesn’t kill her targets as nobody dies from losing to Danmaku. The Miko before her…. let’s say, you wish you were human.