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safe2189815 anonymous artist5011 edit174244 idw20547 flash sentry15143 princess celestia113335 twilight sparkle359995 g42045799 brad385 comic136367 exploitable meme33725 female1819864 i can't believe it's not idw441 male556332 meme94328 ship:flashlight3312 shipping256330 straight180843 text edit1429


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Millennial Dan  
Yeah, Flash might be a boring and undeveloped character but what little we have of him portray him as a pretty decent guy. But since he is a boring and undeveloped love interest, it’s still fun to make fun of him.
Background Pony #570B
this comic isn’t true. Yes, there was Celestia and their saying the exact same words as in the comic (except for the names) but it was Cadence and another pony, and it was about how Cadence and Shining Armor got together. Im pretty sure the fan who made this hates this ship but at the end its a canon ship so if they do make main 6 getting married, it would be thee flashlight train fake comic blown :3
Millennial Dan
Artist -

I must say, I don’t care for this scene, or the entire story arc for that matter. It just throws Blueblood 2.0 in there without any subtlety whatsoever, and we’re thus expected to agree with Celestia’s uninspired “ditch him” statement. It all feels really forced and inorganic.
Master Fox

… Wait wait wait. What half kittens are we talking about? Cause we can have 10 half-kittens and expect them to equal 10 whole kittens. The other half of em just happens to be eagle.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

The Tastiest
It has the things I like in the wrong ways, ruining it forever! I like the Flash, the Twilight, the Twiflash, the Celestia, and the comic, but it’s just not the proper way. You can’t just take 10 half-kittens and expect them to equal 5 whole-kittens, you’re just left with a bunch of kitten torsos and a horrible feeling!