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The updated version of >>455094 with characters from GTA 4 and the 3D series. I was Claude.
safe1704138 applejack169695 claude60 derpy hooves50115 dj pon-329230 fluttershy212398 pinkie pie215995 princess celestia94928 princess luna99043 rainbow dash233686 rarity181628 twilight sparkle300051 vinyl scratch29229 oc683242 oc:milky way2120 human154489 /mlp/5541 4chan6650 4chan screencap2593 aqua teen hunger force244 barely pony related6150 big smoke38 carl29 carl brutananadilewski46 carl johnson28 daniel lamb2 franklin clinton21 good burger8 grand theft auto643 greentext1119 huang lee2 irl70059 irl human25267 james earl cash1 john marston27 johnny klebitz2 kent paul2 lamar davis5 lel15 lester crest6 luis fernando lopez3 maccer1 manhunt8 master shake42 max payne30 meta16600 michael de santa28 michael townley18 niko bellic21 og loc2 photo79501 red dead redemption79 roman bellic14 ron jakowski3 ryder10 sweet johnson5 text59458 tommy vercetti10 toni cipriani3 trevor philips41 victor vance4 vulgar20709 wade herbert2 waifu1278 wall of text646


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Well, the guy capping these finally went to bed and the thread seems to be winding down, and there's much more hilarious content, but I'm not sure if I should post the latest cap now, or wait until the thread gets deleted.
Either way, I think a mod should merge my image with the earlier one if only to save some space.