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Commissioned by Dax Rattler.

Part 1 >>67563
Part 2 >>76732
Part 3 >>90807
Part 4 >>99261
Part 5 >>127748
Part 6 >>141408
Part 7 >>191788
Part 8 (I) >>278110
Part 8 (II) >>278109
Part 9 (I) >>377815
Part 9 (II) >>377816
safe1749199 artist:ziom05101 carrot top5564 derpy hooves50755 golden harvest5564 oc711203 oc:windigo queen13 dragon58664 pegasus308733 pony1009392 timber wolf1370 undead2249 windigo654 derpy's and carrot top's journey27 armor24441 cave3496 comic111416 epic1374 epic derpy334 female1400763 fight6296 fire11748 ice1274 mare501636 possessed1770 scenery porn866 skeleton1951 sword11972


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my only issue with this is that it feels like half of the scenes are pretty much straight from famous movies

It looks fucking awesome tho, good job
Dax Rattler
Diamond -
Since the Beginning  -
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You could have at least put links to the previous parts in the uploader description
A divider between both of the last parts would have been nice too.