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safe2188235 artist:shepherd0821643 oc954888 oc only693923 oc:ticket1146 alicorn317258 human248433 pony1617777 anthro362857 semi-anthro22787 unguligrade anthro65744 alicorn oc36690 anthro chart104 anthro oc37046 anthro with ponies3630 armpits47071 backwards ballcap1234 baseball cap3009 belly button112017 bipedal49993 chart1034 cleavage47171 clothes640617 female1818116 hat125589 humanized120470 light skin6557 line-up1291 midriff24631 shiny4210 shorts19857 socks96590 solo1437427 sports panties710 stockings49031 striped socks28499


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Background Pony #FEDA
@Background Pony  
Really? And is still a total blank slate without any personality, story, or background to support this character. Is not even bothering or annoying, just useless.
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Artist -
A Perfectly Normal Pony - <%TheLoneLampman> i can't hide my racist side

Special when lit
If you guys are going to whine, filter ‘golden ticket’ and ‘ticket’ instead. You’ll be happier, they’ll be happier, we all win.
Background Pony #6B9B
Seriously… How much money has this guy spent on this stupid OC? I don’t think I’ve seen a single picture that wasn’t a paid commission.
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An OC (non-show pony) is still an OC, no matter how long they’ve been around  
Roboshi and Nyx have existed forever, that doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t things made up by Hasbro and the show staff
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

OC? Since when is Golden Ticket an OC?
She’s been around for a long time during the time of Ponibooru, originally as a ponification of the golden tickets I think.
Background Pony #E099
golden ticket?
someone is really desperate and show his mary sue alicorn OC that he/she even commission this chart… attention whoring much