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suggestive145369 artist:redfeathers20 twilight sparkle302964 human156595 anthro264307 plantigrade anthro33447 barefoot27962 big feet240 breasts282977 clothes466728 feet40627 female1380212 fetish40702 foot fetish7905 foot focus2743 foot grab19 foot growth14 foot massage100 foot worship736 footrub6 gamecube123 giantess4174 irl70820 irl human25689 photo80531 portal to equestria54 shirt25480 size difference14595 smiling254020 soles4348 television2507 xbox 360145


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Background Pony #8C70
She's not really a giantess. It's mostly just her feet. They need to be a lot smaller. :/
Background Pony #8FB1
Actually the description in the original page said she used a foot growth spell so it's actually meant to be larger then the rest of her body.

Well doing a little math and assuming she is of human proportions and the samsung monitor is a 51" screen, (I estimate length of feet are 32 inches, the average human body is 7 body-lengths tall) she is approximatly 224 inches tall, or about 18 and a half feet tall.

However the size of her hands are disproportionate, so either the rest of her has to grow, or her feet have to shrink back down to a more reasonable size. Or the artist has negated proportions just to scorn physics.

In any case I wouldn't mind having a near 20foot tall anthro Twilight sparkle come through to our world and let me touch her soles.