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safe1658563 artist:muffinshire185 princess celestia93101 twilight sparkle294153 alicorn215199 pony922739 unicorn303929 acrylic painting219 book32456 concentrating173 cute192541 cutelestia3491 featured image846 filly63971 glowing horn18735 inkwell431 magic70867 milk4340 momlestia fuel98 muffinshire is trying to murder us48 painting3461 quill2644 scroll3308 sugarcube188 sweet dreams fuel1170 tea2984 teacup2803 teapot968 telekinesis26672 tongue out99176 traditional art114814 twiabetes11302


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Oooohhh… Acrylic! I remember my friend Andrew (or thepleonasticpotato as he's known on derpibooru) did a painting of Xamrin. (Non-Pony OC)

I love the look of acrylic art. It's hard to explain.