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Glowin' up!
While struggling to figure out how a vending machine works, she ends up demonstrating some hot flexibility. <3
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I am sincerely confused that this thing has been posted here for over three hours now and no one has made an edit of it to show her weird pipe-cleaner-legged crotch being reflected in the vending machine glass.
I thought I knew you, Derpibooru.
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will return
@Background Pony  
You just have to kick it hard enough. Sit, young BP, and allow Daniel to regale you with a tale of my youth.
Twas an average day in high school, in the frozen steppe of French Soviet Canuckistan. I was in the cafeteria, quietly eating my lunch when hitherward came a duo of students, one black and one white. Out of nowhere, the black man ran and jump-kicked the glass of a vending machine, buckling it inward enough for his paler-skinned cohort to grab onto the edge and wrench the glass out of the machine. They proceeded to stuff their shirts with as many sugary and salty pabulums as their youthful garbs could carry and they were off! Out the door they went, dashing through the snow being soundly chased by the school cop.
I remember that day because I picked up a box of smarties and consumed it for free. Oh, and not those gross little chalky things that you Americans have (You are American, right?) Canadian smarties are these delicious little knockoffs of M&Ms.