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Background Pony #B3D5
my head canon is that human flash sentry got back together with sunset shimmer. only seems logical to me.

@Quick Change  
GASP Now we need an EQG show! and Flash has to be around the girls like the guy who hangs around with a group of girls but only as a friend, because his heart only wants Twilight. THIS IS PERFECT!
Cromanti Cheer
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

It could actually make some interesting storyline material.
Imagine you fell in love with someone from an alternate universe. You later meet their counterpart in your own universe. You sorta already love them, but they have no idea who you are, and quite frankly your over-eagerness almost creeps them out a little bit.
Maybe it would be too cerebral for a family cartoon, but interesting fanfic fodder.
Quick Change

Human!Flash Sentry feels rejected. Meanwhile, Pony!Flash Sentry feels very uncomfortable.  
Let’s hope Canterlot High gets a transfer student soon.
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Young Leosword
My theory is that when/if Twilight B gets her first Spark, likely in the presence of Flash B, it’ll give her Twilight A’s memories for some reason and there’s your happy ending for that week.
Also, I’d presume the Magic of Friendship in Universe B will be much, much thinner, resting within the… “Humane 6” (punches left eye) ehehe, and the villain du jour until they need it, presumably to blow each other up… :j
Background Pony #DBAF
What if Flash Sentry in Equestria got the human worlds memories and occasionally human Flash Sentry gets pony Flash Sentry’s memories? Fanfic time I guess?

I like to think that Twilight indeed said goodbye to Flash, BUT offscreen…
Well, since that was never shown, it’s up to the viewer to imagine what really happened.