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Mal Hearts
Well, what didn’t help was that in both universes, the heroic Autobot Soldier known as Ironhide, along side Brawn, Prowl, Ratchet, Windcharger, Wheeljack, and several other Autobots were killed off. The regular, Transformers versions were killed off just so Hasbro could replace them, whereas the Human versions were killed just so people would think even more negatively of Starscream, he himself to met his end in both versions at the hands of Megatron/Galvatron.
Background Pony #06DD
Yeah, but the fact that all the transformers were humanized wasn’t what ruined the movie, it was the fact that the conflict was resolved right near the end in SECONDS. Everyone hated that.

@Hex Mark  
Have you not read my comment? I already know it is mocking the whole EqG and Twilicorn drama; it is a Human Studies with Lyra after all. I am merely making light on the fact that MLP fandom is similar to TF in a way; let’s just say, TF fans coined the term ruined forever before some of us bronies started using it a lot.
Background Pony #F8FC
At least it isn’t that Michael Bay POS. Bay is a freaking cancer to the movie scene. I still shiver at the thought of his “Mutant Turtles” movie where they are just aliens from outerspace.

She is . . . kind of right???
She is right because the Transformers fandom has always been decisive over the contents in the series.  
She is wrong due to the order she presented it and this is more to do with MLP then TF.
Soooo, yeah right and wrong.