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Artist’s description (translated):
Troll Applejack
Paint Tool SAI
Dad threatens to figure out what are these “horned smurfs” called (Mom calls the trolls that, I don’t tell them anything about them 😁), has learned from me that it’s a webcomic and says that he’s got a lead now.
Originally published Dec 15, 2013.
Higher res version of >>536559 (merged).

safe2186597 artist:kaermter175 applejack201589 earth pony509649 pony1615906 g42042702 applejack's hat14769 boots33698 bowtie15207 clothes639856 cowboy hat26152 female1816357 hat125405 homestuck1491 hooves26207 horns11084 lineless5661 mare750097 shirt41075 shoes60071 shorts19827 sitting93425 solo1436082 species swap26861 suspenders771 t-shirt7243 toy25610 troll (homestuck)217 trollified27


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…Yeah, but that’s less like pegasus wings and more like the wing spell Twilight used on Rarity. It’s not a special thing you have to be born with.
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Might be, but then again might not.
Hemospectrum translates poorly to ponies, since the ones with magic powers are upper-class nobles and the ones who are STRONG and nearly indestructible are typically farmers.
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Applejack would definitely be a lowblood. She’s way too cool not to be.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Your name is JACKIE APPELL. Your interests, hobbies, duties, and turn-ons are POMELUMPS and the CULTIVATION THEREOF. Some trolls find you OBSESSIVE or even ONE-DIMENSIONAL. Given that the feistier cultivars of pomelumps have to be PHYSICALLY SUBDUED before harvesting, you think it makes you a prime candidate for Her Imperial Condescension’s WRESTLEGIONS.
Your trolltag is idunnsMalice and you tend tA speAk with somethin of A twAng.
You really don’t have time for plastic hoofbeast-engendered existential crises right now, but somehow, you’re managing to fit one into your busy schedule.
What will you do?
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You are now the other monosexual. You are FREAKING OUT over how much this TINY PLASTIC HOOFBEAST resembles you.