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safe2186597 artist:niban-destikim505 applejack201589 fluttershy260003 pinkie pie257233 rainbow dash281609 rarity218613 sci-twi31529 starlight glimmer60341 sunset shimmer79585 twilight sparkle359581 butterfly9884 human247863 equestria girls257419 g42042702 2d1392 angry36845 applejack's hat14769 arms559 ashamed181 bangs689 beanie4920 blouse1127 boots33698 bowtie15207 breasts394240 bust78549 busty applejack14134 canterlot high3783 clothes639856 commission118729 cowboy boots2678 cowboy hat26152 denial420 denim skirt2282 dialogue94595 dress62627 electric guitar1785 female1816357 fingers669 fluttershy boho dress397 freckles44621 geode of empathy3879 geode of fauna2456 geode of shielding2865 geode of sugar bombs2590 geode of super strength2852 geode of telekinesis3459 glasses89597 group8093 guilty218 guitar6661 hairclip1894 hairpin3732 hand12958 hat125405 humanized120392 implied lesbian4791 implied rainbow dash1571 indoors8451 leather3322 leather vest298 long hair8671 magical geodes11658 makeup41086 musical instrument15314 ponytail27539 puffy sleeves1254 rarity peplum dress2177 sad31506 shirt41075 shoes60071 short sleeves384 shrunken pupils5439 sideburns412 skirt56116 sleeveless8748 south park778 speech bubble40314 standing25870 t-shirt7243 talking10944 tank top11005 teenager7658 text90473 top631 upset1666 vest6024 waistband163 word bubble219


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