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Skywind said:
The first step we should do is find Moondancer, see how she’s doing, and fill her in about the new information’s we have just discovered. Not only that maybe afterwards we could make a detour to Canterlot Castle and have a chat with Princess Celestia and Luna too!
While in Canterlot, you suggest visiting your friend Moondancer. You haven’t seen her since the festival, and figure that you have much to talk to her about.
Your party agrees, and follows you north to the stadium district. After searching the city streets for a few minutes, you find a humble verdant house nestled between richly ornamented towers. You walk up to the door to give it a knock, and a few seconds later, it opens to reveal a charming red-haired unicorn in glasses.
Moondancer: “Trailblazer? Moonflower? What are you doing here?”
You greet Moondancer, and tell her that you were just passing by on your way to your next adventure, and thought you would catch up while you’re in the area.
Moondancer: “Well, it’s good to see you. Do you wanna come in?”
You thank the unicorn, and step inside a cozy living room where books and scrolls fill every desk and shelf. You decide to start by introducing your new party member and foalhood friend, Honourshine.
Honourshine: “… Hello.”
Moondancer: “You grew up together? It must be nice to be together again. Sorry about the mess, by the way. I wasn’t expecting anypony to come by this early. Or… at all, really.”
Moonflower: “Heehee! It’s okay.”
You ask Moondancer what she has been up to lately.
Moondancer: “For the most part, I’m still researching this ring of yours.”
You recall Twilight Sparkle telling you that the alteration spell on it was giving them some trouble.
Moondancer: “That’s putting it mildly. We don’t fully understand what the spell does, let alone how it works. The way it’s been going, the ring will probably yield new discoveries in the field of genetics before we can properly study the spell itself.”
Moonflower: “Whoa, that sounds like a lotta work! But are you havin’ fun with it, too?”
Moondancer: “Uhh, that’s… a… secret?”
Moonflower: “Heehee… I got’cha!”
Moondancer: “So, what about you? I heard from Twilight that you turned into an alicorn at the festival, just after we left.”
You nod, and proudly tell her that you’ve just learned your first spell!
Moondancer: “In just one moon? That’s impressive.”
You grin, and admit that studying with Honourshine by your side helped you stay focused on the spellbook longer than you otherwise would have.
Moondancer: “I believe you; having somepony else to study with can definitely make a difference. Two heads are better than one, and all that.”
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