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DeviantArt (May 1, 2021 at 5:36:27 PM UTC)
*gasp* Look! It’s pwincess Cewestia!
Smol excited filly seeing her best princess on the streets of Canterlot, nothing big to see here
Second attend on Medibang, this time with correct options turned on and with some more useful brushes.
Do you have any nice android drawing apps to recommed?
check out my twitterrrr~
#adorable #blushing #cute #excited #fim #mlp #ponies #pony #sparkle #tail #twilight #unicorn
Tumblr (November 19, 2022 at 11:04:03 AM UTC)
Another “one of first takes” on drawing in Medibang! This time with Twilie seeing her mentor “Pwincess Cewestia” on the street :)
#mlp #fim #pony #ponies #unicorn #twilight sparkle #backpack #cute #blushing #tail wag #filly

safe2200778 artist:julunis14630 twilight sparkle361592 pony1631193 unicorn551181 g42056892 adorkable4386 bag9937 behaving like a dog1734 blank flank10110 blushing279813 book44319 cheek fluff9848 chest fluff67437 cute269606 digital art30271 dork4733 ear fluff52469 excited4295 female1832651 filly99419 filly twilight sparkle3501 foal46566 gap teeth267 gradient background26764 happy45366 heart78738 high res409306 hoof fluff3385 horn205456 medibang paint720 open mouth243333 open smile33630 saddle bag8371 signature45772 smiling406986 solo1448039 tail107575 tail wag1555 tooth gap350 twiabetes15560 twilight dog69 unicorn twilight34792 younger23238


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