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my first ever g5 drawing

safe2207758 artist:nikosh1414 fifi (g5)218 glory (g5)617 hitch trailblazer14442 izzy moonbow22468 jazz hooves1946 kenneth348 mcsnips-a-lot342 misty brightdawn9274 peach fizz586 phyllis cloverleaf393 pipp petals21951 seashell (g5)615 sparky sparkeroni4130 sprout cloverleaf2621 steven154 sunny starscout22559 zipp storm17739 bird14102 crab1549 dragon87652 earth pony519420 pegasus511849 pony1638131 seagull635 unicorn554623 g579341 ;p868 blush scribble377 blushing281408 bracelet16285 cellphone8238 female1841154 group8389 hoof hold13457 horn209641 jewelry117537 lighting853 male563890 mane five4383 mane seven (g5)274 mane six (g5)1115 mane stripe sunny8030 mare765347 maretime bay984 one eye closed46955 phone12775 pippsqueak trio444 pippsqueaks661 rebirth misty4321 running8273 shading4329 shadow7127 smartphone5501 stallion201648 sunrise1542 tail109562 tongue out150741 windswept mane3750 windswept tail375


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True Sprout

Sprout deserves more love and care. I want people to love this character. But hazbro doesn’t even give this character a normal ending.
I must say that the drawing is just superb. You did a great job. Good luck in your creativity and happiness to you!