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safe2207999 ai content23693 ai generated22316 generator:bluefox mix77 generator:stable diffusion13375 prompter:adorablebluefox77 princess celestia114272 alicorn321991 pony1638333 g42063054 absurd resolution68122 aurora borealis707 beautiful8893 blue sky506 chest fluff67999 cloud44508 cloudy6891 detailed1271 detailed background2732 ear fluff53003 ears up1438 female1841368 fluffy20122 glowing20323 glowing cutie mark642 glowing horn29803 horn209751 jewelry117575 magic98533 mare765428 mountain7836 mountain range1096 outdoors23434 peytral8123 praise the sun2435 pretty1151 raising the sun99 regalia37931 scenery10686 sky24130 smiling410079 solo1453748 standing26840 sternocleidomastoid2049 sun9540 sunrise1542 tail109606 tiara7278 tree51081 wing fluff2627 wings232824


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Something of an artist
High resolution and very detailed image with relatively minor issues, looks great. Did it take a lot of manual editing, apart from the cutie mark?