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I don’t like Pinkie Pie at all, but I like her design in Equestria Girls, weird…
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suggestive190872 artist:nelljoestar143 pinkie pie256089 human245920 equestria girls256168 g42031047 alternate hairstyle38004 bedroom eyes82212 big breasts125913 blush lines886 blushing274557 breasts391605 busty pinkie pie14412 clothes635389 curvy9876 female1804918 flashing1872 floating heart6293 heart76642 heart eyes29859 hourglass figure3004 legs together2761 lip bite15415 looking at you259714 panties63835 ponytail27198 server pinkie pie451 skirt55641 skirt lift5452 solo1427665 solo female234763 sugarcube corner3162 underwear78926 wide hips30511 wingding eyes40537


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“I don’t like Pinkie Pie at all, but I like her design in Equestria Girls,” Her design was great, she just did not get much in the way of character development. In the “FiM” series, I particularly found interesting episodes which revealed that this party girl had her own insecurities and a rather sad childhood. Too bad, they did not explore the “sad clown” concept more.