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In a tragic day, Twilight used the magic teletransport with her horn, but unfortunatly there was another pony in the same place that twilight teletransported. Twilight get conjoined with this white alicorn called “Solar Eclipse”.
4 Days later, twilight found a rare burned book that said “How separate a conjoined ponys”
Now Twilight and Solar Eclise are conjoined for several month, may be a whole year.
-This history was NOT writen by me

safe2174145 twilight sparkle357704 oc947442 oc:solar eclipse106 alicorn314094 pony1602308 3d122634 blue mane3752 conjoined1092 cyan mane39 female1802508 light skin6372 looking left181 male550658 mare740905 not zipp storm60 one leg raised434 open mouth237489 png1306 purple eyes6014 purple skin308 red eyes11785 simple background596213 smiling397366 spread wings94492 transparent background284383 wings222944


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Prince solar eclipse
Solar Supporter - Fought against the New Lunar Republic rebellion on the side of the Solar Deity (April Fools 2023).

The book It is not how to separate conjoined ponies, it book about fusion and conjoined that was burned beyond recognition because of triek destroy twilight tree house before she got the crystal castle. Plus this happen after like season 7 and it in the middle of 8 but they been fused for more than a year they been fused for 3 years.