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Didn’t I tell you we’d do a follow-up? :)

suggestive191813 artist:chrysopoeia21 artist:pinkberry250 applejack201847 big macintosh33816 pear butter3903 earth pony511315 pony1620020 g42045956 and that's how apple bloom was made145 applecest2834 applejack's barn78 barn4549 blushing277435 brother and sister7004 choker21800 ear piercing44720 female1820234 fishnet stockings7987 floppy ears73687 goth3830 highlights1147 holy fuck the choker actually broke190 implied incest2109 implied pear butter97 implied pregnancy281 implied sex8296 incest18079 kiss mark1771 lipstick16962 male556464 nervous8697 nervous smile2245 piercing65178 ship:applemac1455 shipping256371 siblings22534 smiling402943 straight180874 sweat41149 sweatdrop6932 sweatdrops2124 teenage applejack324 teenage big macintosh143 teenager7723 until the choker breaks359 younger23085


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Somehow I missed this until today. Late to the party, but once I had a fanfic idea along a similar premise. (Probably making me the thousandth to do so, but still)
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Ahhh… you varmints are too dern cute fer me t’stay mad atcha. G’wan! Git inside n warsh off a’fore supper.
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And maybe we’re operating under the headcanon that Applebloom is Jack’s and Mac’s biological daughter, but was raised as a sister?
Well, like the song said, “We’re family, but so much more”.
Also to be fair to Applejack, goth subculture (as I understand it at least) has traditionally embraced sexual empowerment as well as non-traditional and “unusual” sexual practices, and it’s not like a farm girl like her has a lot of options for unconventional dalliances.
Background Pony #F541
I guess Gothjack got preggo here, based on her later being found under the definition of “mother”?
And maybe we’re operating under the headcanon that Applebloom is Jack’s and Mac’s biological daughter, but was raised as a sister?
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Even with the previous pic i seem to be a little too dumb to understand. I get it, they did something brother and sister should shouldn’t do, how this goes together with the last one, idk and its frustrating