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safe2186229 screencap296862 hitch trailblazer14077 izzy moonbow21943 misty brightdawn8793 pipp petals21286 sunny starscout21895 zipp storm17229 alicorn316856 earth pony509454 pegasus501765 pony1615357 unicorn543502 g576817 my little pony: tell your tale25867 the lone alicorn129 spoiler:g532985 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale23341 spoiler:tyts02e07128 alicornified7572 animated126874 artificial wings3085 augmented4348 cloud43687 disappearing wings1 dream3306 everyone is an alicorn165 falling3571 female1816021 gif49135 hitchcorn14 horn196744 izzycorn31 magic97260 magic wings1517 male554962 mane five4277 mane six (g5)1050 mare749895 mistycorn40 pippcorn67 race swap21900 rebirth misty4063 sky23447 species swap26861 stallion197693 sunnycorn1930 wingless7932 wings226070 youtube link12801


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The ponies still had their innate magic when Rainbow saved the students in School Raze; the magic draining in that episode was a sequential process and it wasn’t until the third day where they were going to no longer be able to fly.
It was literally stated in G4 that pegasi couldn’t fly without their magic. G5 is still in the same continuity as G4.
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Having any other ponies granted the ability to have alicorn powers is only for a temporary time, unlike Sunny, who can use her alicorn powers whenever she wants.
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You do know that pegasi couldn’t fly without magic in g4, right? It’s not something that g5 established. It’s from g4. They are just following g4’s lore.