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safe2154349 artist:lailyren303 sprout cloverleaf2434 earth pony437889 pony1582302 g573170 best pony1484 blushing268921 commission114828 cute263230 floppy ears71909 gradient background23853 heart74633 heart pillow371 male543074 pillow25132 signature42639 smiling389872 solo1409757 sproutbetes143 stallion191742 text87890 unshorn fetlocks45174 when he smiles158 ych result36537


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Background Pony #B71C
@Grapefruit Face
Rule of the world is not all fans of a X are like this, it’s just a random thing, coincidence (maybe they have low frustration tolerance like me).
Plus it was just one person in your example; I know another big fan who is a nice person instead
Background Pony #266E
@Grapefruit Face
i mean just because a fan attacks a character does not justify another fan attacking another character this only generates a cycle of hate (mainly because we agree that the best pony is pipp)
Grapefruit Face
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Me & My Delusions
I know one of Sprout’s biggest fans who constantly did the reverse on random pictures of Misty over on DeviantArt and also attacked and stole one of my friends art over it. In my opinion, Misty fans are far more sane than the often deluded Sprout fans.
Furthermore comparing Sprout and Misty is like comparing Chancellor Neighsay with Fluttershy. Anyway this is all academic since Sprout clearly stole this award from Pipp.
Background Pony #6768
@Background Pony #B71C
I like Misty, I was just upset that when I saw comments on Sprout fanart it was people insulting Sprout and talking about Misty. Especially since Sprout rarely gets art.
Background Pony #B71C
@Background Pony #74E0
I like both, plus it’s so interesting to study their personalities.
Even if Misty would happen to be a not likeable character (she is not such), I wouldn’t dislike her, she represents black people and this is important to me
While Sprout was a victim of coincidences and even his mom brainwashing him (it’s so sad), there’s no way I would dislike him either