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safe2188592 artist:just_gray-x37 bon bon18899 lyra heartstrings34245 sweetie drops18899 earth pony510543 pony1618236 unicorn544732 g42044634 adorabon880 alternate hairstyle38364 blushing277102 chest fluff66639 cute267835 duo174693 ear fluff51705 eyelashes27171 female1818551 floating heart6469 floppy ears73606 heart77811 hug37931 lesbian118469 looking at each other34894 looking at someone16681 looking down14881 looking up24323 lyrabetes1771 mare751672 older bon bon54 older lyra heartstrings58 ship:lyrabon4068 shipping256175 simple background604087 smiling402442 weapons-grade cute4689 white background164740


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