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After a long day shift, Princess Celestia likes to unwind with a peaceful swim before heading to bed. There’s so much everyday life to spectate in Canterlot, after all, and doesn’t such a hardworking princess deserve a break?
Yeah, fun fact, I started this one at least over half a year ago. Once I started getting into the convention scene, however, I had to push it aside over and over again to design pony merch for those. But I was determined. It was a big road ahead, and I wanted to see it out until the end. I’m glad I decided to keep going.
I went through a lot of experimenting with this one before considering myself satisfied with the end product, especially with the water and overall shading in relation to the time of day. I didn’t want to do my favorite princess dirty.
Also, the pegasi in the distance aren’t anyone specific… I was thinking of ice cream color palettes at the time and just created some horses.
Surprisingly there’s not much else to say here; I’m just super relieved I got this finished!
Feedback is appreciated! :happybounce:

safe2150838 artist:alzmariowolfe33 princess celestia111702 oc934286 alicorn309357 pegasus486423 pony1578700 g42004189 bubble8668 canterlot7075 cloud42443 crepuscular rays4720 crown29334 digital art28970 ear fluff49056 ethereal mane13120 ethereal tail2011 eye clipping through hair13724 eyebrows23150 eyebrows visible through hair10774 eyelashes25809 feather8460 female1777255 flowing mane4670 flowing tail3119 flying54043 happy43774 high res405734 horn178023 jewelry110370 lake2102 lidded eyes46608 looking up23545 mare726289 mountain7445 mountain range999 partially open wings1916 partially submerged577 pink eyes1834 regalia35628 sky22548 smiling388511 solo1407072 sparkles8634 spread wings91537 starry mane6974 starry tail899 stars22845 sternocleidomastoid1478 sunlight2590 sunset7615 swimming4549 tail95039 turned head1842 unshorn fetlocks44902 water24548 wings216037


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Mario Wolfe
Artist -

I don’t understand why people are tagging Twilight and Cadance in this? I didn’t draw either of them here, it’s just Celestia and two random ponies in the sky.
Mario Wolfe
Artist -

Just as I was about to rush here and upload this myself, someone else already got to it haha… Thank you for including my description!