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I know that they sorted out their differences in the show but shush. Also I like to think that Diamond Tiara is a very important business pony or mayor. Which do you guys think? Plus I added her crown to her coat like a broach since I like to think she had it made into one.

safe2155372 artist:pastelnightyt202 apple bloom59617 diamond tiara11745 scootaloo58453 silver spoon7481 sweetie belle56366 earth pony438266 pegasus488390 pony1583309 unicorn529262 g42008172 base used33331 cutie mark crusaders22220 donut2956 female1782152 food100040 glasses87329 mare728857 older39567 older apple bloom3334 older diamond tiara1121 older scootaloo3103 older silver spoon861 older sweetie belle3782 outdoors20769 ponyville7749 table12856 the cmc's cutie marks5168


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