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safe2155366 edit171382 edited screencap89423 screencap294088 sunny starscout20946 twilight sparkle354849 alicorn310313 earth pony438262 pony1583299 g42008166 g573357 magical mystery cure2887 my little pony: make your mark10810 my little pony: make your mark chapter 3728 winter wishday748 spoiler:g532170 spoiler:winter wishday745 coat markings12863 comparison5308 cookie4988 cropped60931 crystal brighthouse1900 female1782141 fluttershy's cutie mark552 food100039 hat122748 hoof hold12684 it's a pony kind of christmas51 lyrics1348 mane stripe sunny7380 mare728847 pins340 ponyville7749 rainbow dash's cutie mark593 raised hoof68539 satchel649 side by side233 singing8367 socks (coat markings)7753 sunny and her heroine347 text87951 toque310 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148102 twilight sparkle's cutie mark654 unshorn fetlocks45244 we wish you a merry christmas17 we wish you a yummy wishday4


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Background Pony #A292
Gotta say it; Sunny was maximum cringe in this scene.
Hope the cookies were at least good.
Background Pony #6C10
It rock if Sunny met Twylight. And it rock if Sunny found out about her sins such as the MArer Do Well, Walking Dead, Queen Novo pearl, and betarying the CMC for Cozy Glow; all which eventually lent an advantage to the enemy. It rock if she scold Twylight for ehr betrayals, thus showign Twylight how her sins help the dark forces and cost her the truth of many. ANd it rock if Sunny resist some enmy’s urge to kill Twylight and chsoe to forgive her, prving a better p;ony than Twylight.