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January 9, 2023 at 4:20:19 AM UTC
Friendship will grow
#mlp #mistybrightdawn #mylittlepony #mlpmylittlepony #mlpgeneration5 #sunnystarscout #izzymoonbow #mlp_g5_fanart #hitchtrailblazer #pipppetals #zippstorm #mlpmakeyourmark #sparkysparkeroni
Everywhere you go 🦋  Friendship there will grow
#mlp #mlp fanart #mlp g5 #sunny starscout #izzy moonbow #misty brightdawn #hitch trailblazer #pipp petals #zipp storm
Everywhere you go 🦋 Friendship there will grow

safe2151315 artist:pfeffaroo627 hitch trailblazer13505 izzy moonbow20946 misty brightdawn8062 pipp petals20375 sparky sparkeroni3880 sunny starscout20712 zipp storm16361 dragon84033 earth pony436555 pegasus486655 pony1579199 unicorn527391 g572652 adorapipp3115 adorazipp1153 baby16361 baby dragon4287 backwards cutie mark4458 cellphone7859 colored eyebrows1137 colored wings13606 crown29339 cute262665 eye clipping through hair13729 eye contact7629 eyebrows23162 eyebrows visible through hair10783 female1777704 folded wings18761 gradient background23703 gradient hooves1243 gradient wings1738 grin61840 group7633 heartwarming808 high res405766 hitchbetes595 horn178081 izzybetes2567 jewelry110390 looking at each other33436 looking at someone14860 male541867 mane five4094 mane six (g5)907 mare726516 mistybetes1072 open mouth232358 open smile29125 phone12220 regalia35633 royal sisters (g5)2870 septet133 siblings21080 signature42464 sisters17519 sitting90512 smartphone5225 smiling388673 smiling at each other2340 sparkly eyes1176 sparkybetes397 spread wings91572 stallion191139 starry eyes5580 sunnybetes1718 toothy grin154 unshorn fetlocks44915 wall of tags6392 wholesome1350 wingding eyes38500 wings216127


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10 years of a ride...
This has to happen. And Misty has to have a powerful moment in which she tells Opaline what she thinks of her. Maybe even while defending the mane5. Is it too much to also want her to earn her cutie mark just in that moment too? Probably. But I’d cry like a baby, that’s for sure 😭💙🤗