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January 9, 2023 at 4:20:19 AM UTC
Friendship will grow
#mlp #mistybrightdawn #mylittlepony #mlpmylittlepony #mlpgeneration5 #sunnystarscout #izzymoonbow #mlp_g5_fanart #hitchtrailblazer #pipppetals #zippstorm #mlpmakeyourmark #sparkysparkeroni
Everywhere you go 🦋  Friendship there will grow
#mlp #mlp fanart #mlp g5 #sunny starscout #izzy moonbow #misty brightdawn #hitch trailblazer #pipp petals #zipp storm
Everywhere you go 🦋 Friendship there will grow

safe2176254 artist:pfeffaroo634 hitch trailblazer13939 izzy moonbow21716 misty brightdawn8639 pipp petals21019 sparky sparkeroni4017 sunny starscout21560 zipp storm16958 dragon85495 earth pony447096 pegasus497275 pony1604437 unicorn538780 g575664 adorapipp3239 adorazipp1243 baby16520 baby dragon4359 backwards cutie mark4528 cellphone8033 colored eyebrows1546 colored wings14554 crown29966 cute266035 eye clipping through hair14748 eye contact7684 eyebrows24730 eyebrows visible through hair11836 female1804793 folded wings20029 gradient background25316 gradient hooves1274 gradient wings1828 grin63055 group7989 heartwarming940 high res407914 hitchbetes629 horn191468 izzybetes2705 jewelry113324 looking at each other34392 looking at someone16067 male551443 mane five4234 mane seven (g5)256 mane six (g5)1019 mare742299 mistybetes1217 open mouth237948 open smile31410 phone12474 regalia36496 royal sisters (g5)2962 septet143 siblings21873 signature44201 sisters18007 sitting92507 smartphone5369 smiling398009 smiling at each other2621 sparkly eyes1277 sparkybetes422 spread wings94704 stallion195945 starry eyes5808 sunnybetes1861 toothy grin170 unshorn fetlocks46898 wall of tags6671 wholesome1447 wingding eyes40530 wings223455


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11 years of pony 🐴
This has to happen. And Misty has to have a powerful moment in which she tells Opaline what she thinks of her. Maybe even while defending the mane5. Is it too much to also want her to earn her cutie mark just in that moment too? Probably. But I’d cry like a baby, that’s for sure 😭💙🤗