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October 6, 2023 at 1:55:27 PM UTC
Pretty flowers, pretty wife.
Pretty flowers and pretty wife.

safe2154952 artist:applesartt69 applejack198811 rainbow dash277374 earth pony438143 pegasus488171 pony1582904 g42007422 the last problem8042 alternate hairstyle37254 applejack's hat14080 blushing269044 bush4518 colored eyebrows1191 colored eyelashes1315 cowboy hat25213 crepuscular rays4759 duo164623 duo female29646 ear fluff49298 eye contact7635 eye wrinkles88 eyebrows23394 female1781759 flower38719 flying54264 freckles43015 grin62038 hair bun5247 hat122722 house3417 lesbian116527 looking at each other33553 looking at someone15014 mare728633 mouth hold23505 older39558 older appledash37 older applejack1063 older rainbow dash1328 open mouth233231 outdoors20754 ship:appledash7690 shipping251317 signature42663 smiling390127 spread wings92021 sunlight2627 sunshine360 underhoof68014 water24688 watering94 watering can620 watermark23624 window13583 wings217170


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Background Pony #0F62
After all that boring ass ship soarindash on the main rainbow dash tag it’s so refreshing seeing these two
Finally some lesbian rainbow dash content