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October 6, 2023 at 1:55:27 PM UTC
Pretty flowers, pretty wife.
Pretty flowers and pretty wife.

safe2175387 artist:applesartt71 applejack200588 rainbow dash280047 earth pony446731 pegasus496945 pony1603597 g42030367 the last problem8065 alternate hairstyle37968 applejack's hat14465 blushing274337 bush4631 colored eyebrows1530 colored eyelashes1498 cowboy hat25756 crepuscular rays5049 duo170508 duo female30989 ear fluff50747 eye contact7684 eye wrinkles87 eyebrows24698 female1803924 flower39536 flying55113 freckles43956 grin63031 hair bun5401 hat124329 house3478 lesbian117729 looking at each other34368 looking at someone16037 mare741729 mouth hold23760 older40005 older appledash37 older applejack1078 older rainbow dash1351 open mouth237782 outdoors21715 ship:appledash7796 shipping254301 signature44148 smiling397779 spread wings94634 sunlight2891 sunshine365 underhoof69006 water25540 watering96 watering can632 watermark24096 window14026 wings223242


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Background Pony #0F62
After all that boring ass ship soarindash on the main rainbow dash tag it’s so refreshing seeing these two
Finally some lesbian rainbow dash content