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October 30, 2021 at 7:51:23 PM UTC
Sunny Starscout
Here’s a drawing I started before my surgery, and luckly I think i managed to make it look finished. 
HQ and 4K res versions are on my patreon, as well as the psd file and even a little time-lapse recording.

safe2171441 artist:grissaecrim1065 sunny starscout21429 earth pony445023 pony1599547 g575168 coat markings13397 colored24934 concave belly5119 eyebrows24410 female1799419 hooves25934 mare738869 master sword183 mouth hold23717 satchel659 shading4110 signature43730 slender6514 socks (coat markings)8050 solo1423697 sword14771 the legend of zelda4057 thin9643 turned head1924 unshorn fetlocks46511 weapon41175


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How did Sunny acquire the Master Sword?
She’s attuned to the three tribes of Equestria.
Pegasi = Courage
Earth Ponies = Power
Unicorn = Wisdom
Similar to the Three Pendants of Virtue from a Link to the Past and a Link Between Worlds, the three Spiritual Stones from Ocarina of Time, and the 3 Goddess Pearls from Wind Waker.